Kick-Off Meeting

  1. The kick-off event took place from March 6, 2023 via video conference. The objective was to initiate the formal collaboration between the members of the different teams of project. An open discussion was organized with the different participants, having defined the respective goals and discussed the different methodologies. In addition to Dr. Ana Russo – (IDL, coordinator), the meeting was attended by Dr. Ricardo Trigo (Co-PI, IDL), Dr. Pedro Soares (IDL), Dra. Daniela Lima (IDL), Dra. Rita Cardoso (IDL), Dr. Célia Gouveia (IPMA), Dr. Rita Durão (IPMA), Dr. Pedro Sousa (IPMA), Dr. João Martins (IPMA), and Dr. Raquel Nieto (UVigo).

  2. The researcher's coordinators of the different teams discussed several important issues, namely data availability, proposed methods for analysis, expected results, topics for future collaboration, chronogram of activities of the first year taking into account the deliverable dates of the project.

  3. The Stakeholders engagement was also an important topic that deserved the attention of the groups involved in the project. Several possible stakeholders were identified by the teams. The dissemination activities planned by each participant were also discussed.

  4. The contents to be added to the project’s webpage and each partners' contributions to it were discussed.

  5. Further workshops of the project were planned, namely the intermediate the final workshop.

  6. Finally, synergies with parallel projects were addressed.